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As a student, do you always find yourself overwhelmed by homework assignments?  Or are you always punished for not completing your work?  Well, all you need are tips to help you accomplish this task. In simple terms homework assignment can be described as that work given by the teacher to be completed outside the classroom.
 Assignments are given in a variety of forms but serve almost the same purpose of gauging your comprehension skills and test how well you understand your curriculum.

Reasons Why Homework Assignments Are Given

Homework assignments are given for a variety of reasons including
·         Reinforcement-homework should reinforce what you have already learnt
·         Skills building-doing your own reasoning and researching improves and builds on your skills
·         Preparation-you may be required to work on something that you will cover in your coming classes and this helps you to better prepare

Dos to Homework Assignments

Keep these simple tips in mind when doing your homework assignments
  • · Schedule-you should have a homework book or chart where you log in your homework and come up with proper schedules to tackle them.

  • ·         Location-you should have a set location where you do your assignments. It should be conducive and with minimal distractions.
  • ·         Preparation-for all homework you should research on the background information. This means you have to go back to your class notes and check your teacher’s approach or check in textbooks how the problem is handled. You should also have all the supporting materials you will need such as rough books, pens etc.
  • ·         Order of priority-depending on the urgency of the assignments you have you should always start by solving the easiest and simplest of assignments and then progress to the more difficult ones.
  • ·         Discussions-you can discuss with your mates about your homework but this is not an avenue for you to sit back and let others do it while you just copy.

Don’ts toHomework Assignment

These are some of the don’ts you should avoid while doing your homework assignments
·         Help-while you should seek help on aspects of homework you don’t understand or know how to do, you should not let the person helping you to do everything for you but rather show you a way how to do it.
·         Copying-remember that assignments are meant to help you learn and copying does not help you on any way. On the contrary you run the risk of failing your final grades as you would have missed the skills necessary to handle your coursework.
·         Doing assignments at the same time-you should avoid the temptation to multitask on your assignments as this means you will most likely miss some important parts of your assignments or in the end do shoddy work.
·         Timing-Don’t start your homework assignments late at night always start immediately after school. This is because right after school is when your mind is till inclined to what you have been learning and is not yet distracted by other things.

After receiving back your assignment always go through your teacher’s feedback making necessary corrections where needed. Observing the above tips will ensure that your homework assignments are always what are expected of you.

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